Dating Your Next Employer: Rethinking Your Job Search

By Andrew Stott


How much time have you spent looking for a partner and building a new relationship? Why don’t we invest the same time, effort and emotional energy in selecting and pursuing our dream job as we do in pursuing our dream partner? After all, our jobs sometimes last longer than our relationships. Happiness in your job is just as important as happiness at home, yet we often underestimate the effort we need to put in to get our dream job and employer! Like the dating game, job search is competitive, so you need to be proactive!


Like dating, job search has been transformed by technology, from making sure how others see your best “side”, finding out more about your potential partner to making those first tentative contacts as you reach out to someone new. And like dating, being out of the market for a few years has probably left you out of touch with the new rules of the game!


How should you use Linkedin as a professional dating service? How should you ensure that your profile is attractive? How do you prepare for your first…..interview? Should you call or write the day after? After a few interviews, how do you decide whether this is the right employer for you? And when he/she finally makes you a proposal, how do you decide you are ready to say “I do”? See how similar your job search is to dating!


ProHireMe helps you understand the rules of the game so you avoid silly mistakes, through tips, tools and templates. If you are looking for love, you might make sure your Facebook profile shows you off to best effect so why don’t you do the same with your professional profile when you are job hunting? You wouldn’t send your photo to 100 dating partners (would you?!) so why send your CV to 100 employers? Find out more about them first, only a few will “fit” with you and your profile. How many blind “dates” can you cope with?


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