If your employer were an animal, what would it be?

By Andrew Stott

We want to hear your impressions of employers you have worked for!  Can you describe an employer in five words or phrases? If so, we will give you a complimentary, transferable (in case you don’t need it!) 3 month subscription to ProHireMe, the step-by-step job search tool.

Just send us the following by email to info@prohire.me

  • Employer name
  • Location where you worked (there can be big differences between locations in global employers)
  • Last year in which you worked there
  • Your rough level – junior/mid/senior/board
  • The “high five” – five words or phrases that best describe your perspective on this employer in this location

Feel free to make the comparison with an animal but here are more suggestions on types/categories of word/phrase

  • Size
  • Hierarchy vs flat
  • Work ethic
  • Formal/informal
  • Teamwork/competitive
  • Diversity
  • International/local
  • Dynamic/stagnating
  • Arrogant/humble


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