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Welcome to our first post on the ProHireMe blog! We are here to help all you job hunters be successful in your search, and to help your advisors to help you more effectively through tools, tips and templates. ProHireMe is currently available in English and Spanish.


We conceived ProHireMe after feedback from members of Globiles, the international community of the global and mobile, many of whom are in the process of international job searches.




We have created a tool which helps you to

  • build and manage your profile, including a “master” CV or resumé
  • find job vacancies (around 1 million jobs are listed from around the world)
  • plan and execute a step-by-step process for your target job vacancies


Our systematic approach has been developed with leading international recruiters around a five step framework we call TRAIN – Target, Research, Apply, Interview, Negotiate

  • Target – focus on the employers and vacancies that meet your requirements and where you stand a good chance of entering the selection process
  • Research – take the time to investigate target employers to make sure you would fit and therefore avoid wasting your and their time on unproductive selection processes. Similarly evaluate your fit with the job vacancy and the job vacancy’s fit with your objective
  • Apply – make sure you tailor your CV/resumé and cover letter to the employer and job. No two job vacancies or employers are the same
  • Interview – go into your interviews prepared, having identified and prepared answers to likely questions. Even if they are not asked, you will be more confident and therefore will present yourself better
  • Negotiate – DON’T negotiate anything until you get an offer, then know what aspects of the offer are likely to be negotiable.



ProHireMe provides an action planning tool for each job opportunity you are pursuing. Throughout the process you have access to tips and recommendations and additionally you can get personal advice on your progress, either by inviting your existing advisor or coach or by requesting advice from our panel of Career Advisors, setting your own budget to do so.


You can also rehearse your interviews using your own personal videoconference room provided by our partner MashMeTV, and talk to your advisors and friends.


Don’t forget, we are here to help you!


Good luck with your job hunt!


ProHireMe team


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