University rankings impacted by poor graduate prospects

The 2015 Sunday Times university ranking published last weekend follows a similar one in June by The Guardian.  Both university rankings show the usual suspects, Cambridge, Oxford, LSE and others, at the top of the table.  But I find it more interesting to see the scoring of graduate prospects and their  impact on the overall university ranking.

Graduate prospects is one element of the overall university ranking and is measured by the percentage of graduates who find graduate employment within 6 months after leaving. The Sunday Times averages 2013 and 2014 while The Guardian evaluates year by year.

Oxford (1=), Durham (6), Exeter (7) and Warwick (8) universities stand out in the Sunday Times university ranking as having notably lower graduate prospects than their overall ranking with graduate prospects ranking at 5, 12, 13 and 22.

The same disparity occurs further down the university ranking.  Relatively low graduate prospects drag down overall scores with those worst affected being Winchester (ranked 61st overall in university ranking but 107th in graduate prospects), Goldsmiths, University of London (55th, and 99th), Royal Holloway London (34th and 70th), Brunel (47th and 80th) and UEA (14th and 46th).  Improving graduate prospects would inevitably lead to a higher overall ranking for these universities.

Our aim at ProHireMe is to provide a smarter, faster way for those graduating, and indeed beyond graduation, to get hired.  Using a systematic method to approach selection processes is critical to competing with your fellow graduates. Getting hired is a competitive process, and qualifications however good or bad, are only one part of the decision. Also important are how you present yourself and your resumé/CV to get selected for interview and how you prepare for interviews.

Universities which offer their students tools like ProHireMe have the opportunity to significantly improve graduate prospects, and from their the overall university ranking. This has a knock on effect on admissions, which in part derive from the university ranking. So tools like ProHireMe represent a win-win for both students and universities.