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We help your students and alumni maximise their employability

We increase employability through:

  • Interactive guidance with a step by step method and an action plan
  • Personalized guidance and advice for job hunters
  • Access to filtered profiles of candidates for employers
  • And more than 5 million job vacancies worldwide
Tu candidato

Self-contained ecosystem supporting:

  • Administrators in tracking and offering practical support to students and alumni in each step of their job search
  • Career and Alumni Services, increasing productivity by leveraging scarce time and resources
  • Students and Alumni, offering personalised guidance during job search
  • Advisors and Mentors, facilitating advice by shared access to candidate accounts
  • Employers, finding talent by filtering profiles and publishing targeted job vacancies

Online platform, simple and complete (SaaS):

  • Always accessible in the Cloud (does not require intranet)
  • No special configuration or download required
  • Easily connected with existing portals via API
  • All documents saved in the Cloud, including CV/resumés, cover letter, interview preparation, action plans etc

Key features

Tips and templates for your job search

Online advice from Career Advisors to plan, practise on video and playback your interviews

Resources and guidance for international job search

Your own personal videoconference room

Candidate accounts can be shared with an advisor

Your own Administrator function

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