Frequently Asked Questions

1. Users
1.1. What is ProHireMe?
ProHireMe is a platform that helps job hunters get hired, through an end-to-end systematic approach to job search
1.2. What makes ProHireMe different from other job search solutions?
ProHireMe integrates advice, action scheduling and preparation exercises to improve the job hunter's success rate at each stage of the process. Added benefits include a coaching facility to allow an advisor or mentor to view progress and make comments online and a personal videoconference facility through our partner Mashme TV which job hunters can use to practise their interviews and meet with advisors and peers.
1.3. How do I get an account?
Easy! Choose your subscription period and make your payment and you are ready to go.
1.4. How does a subscription work?
A subscription gives you full access to ProHireMe. A 12 months subscription includes a complimentary resume/CV review. If you are not sure what subscription to choose, use our Job Move diagnostic to test your ambition!
You can renew or extend the subscription any time you like, and reactivate it at a later stage.
1.5. How can I pay for ProHireMe products/services?
You can pay by credit card or through a PayPal account via PayPal, a secure online payment method. You will be redirected to PayPal and can complete the payment there. We do not maintain any records of your credit card or PayPal account.
1.6. What is our approach to the job search process?
ProHireMe uses a 5 step approach - TRAIN - developed with leading experts in the international recruitment industry:
  • Target – selecting your job target and employer focusing on the right opportunities to optimise your efforts. ProHireMe shows you the best sites for specific sectors and functions.
  • Research – investigating your fit with your target employer and the vacancy using a structured set of questions, taking advantage also of your personal connections. This enables you to be better prepared than other candidates if you decide to apply.
  • Apply – using your Master CV as your base, ProHireMe helps you tailor your CV and cover letter to the employer and job, by providing tips and format alternatives.
  • Interviews – ProHireMe guides your preparation for interviews through suggested questions for each type of interview. You can then prepare and save your responses to those questions.
  • Negotiate – ProHireMe recommends how to evaluate the offer and if appropriate negotiate a better deal.
All of this combines with other unique features to make ProHireMe your ideal job search partner.
1.7. How do I get started?
Once you have completed your subscription:
  1. Complete your personal profile
  2. Complete your Master CV and professional profile
  3. Select job opportunities you want to pursue
  4. Build and follow your action plan for each job opportunity
1.8. How can I use my existing profiles and documents?
You can import from Linkedin your profile to create your Master CV, your connections to help you with employer and job research and your tagline to check it is aligned with your job search. You can also upload your resume/cv's and documents.
1.9. How do I use the coaching facility and share my progress with my mentor/coach/advisor?
From your account, invite your mentor/coach/advisor to share your progress and offer advice. Once your advisor accepts your invitation and registers with ProHireMe, he/she will have access to your job search activities and can leave comments on the relevant pages. You can also arrange instant videoconferences with your advisor through your own personal MashMeTV video room.
1.10. What jobs I should apply for?
Once you have completed your account opening, you can then search for job opportunities using your target job title or keywords. We will show you some jobs in your target location which most closely match your keywords and you can import these to your ProHireMe job search. You can also add job opportunities you have seen elsewhere. For certain countries we also offer you Job Maps which show the sites with job offers in your sector, function and/or location.
1.11. I don't have my own advisor, how do I get advice from an expert?
As a subscriber you have access to the Career Advisor panel, where you can set your own budget, and request advice from your preferred expert on the area where you need help.
1.12. How can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. In the first seven days, if you tell us your reasons, we will refund your payment in full. If you request cancellation after 7 days, we will deactivate your account but retain your data so you can reactivate at a later date, unless you specifically request us to delete all data.
1.13. Is my data secure?
We are committed to protecting your personal data and comply with the Spanish and EU data protection legislation. The Spanish data protection law is said to be one of the most demanding in the world. We will never sell your data to third parties. We do not collect or access any payment data which is only visible to PayPal, through whom we collect payments.
2. Career Advisors
2.1. How can I become an advisor?
Are you interested in helping job hunters (on a paid basis)? If so, please send us your details through our nomination form and we will contact you.
3. Universities, Business Schools, Employers, Outplacement Agencies, Career Coaches and other partners
3.1. How can ProHireMe help me?
ProHireMe helps to improve the quality and reduce the time and cost of your engagement with your jobseekers, students or alumni by providing integrated and systematic templates and advice, plus access by advisors and coaches to a user's account.

If you are a university, business school, outplacement agency or other collective, we would be very interested in discussing how we may help you do this.

Contact us via email, and we will let you know about our partnerships discounts and other offers
3.2. Can I advertise on ProHireMe or offer my Products/Services in ProHireMe?
If you do think you can add value for our users by offering your products/services through ProHireMe, please contact us via email.